Supporting local hospice care

Wedding Favour Scratchcards

If you would like to give something back on your wedding day then Scratchcards are the perfect choice.

Each card supports local hospice care and allows you to make the hospices part of your special day with a sense of fun.

Our scratchcards give your guests a chance to win many prizes, including the £1000 jackpot, as well as supporting Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Each Scratchcard costs £1, a pinch compared to the average wedding favour cost, and you can buy the exact number you require.

Why not place them in envelopes to match your colour scheme which can also double up as interesting place settings?

How to order

Order your wedding favours by clicking here. By visiting this link you can order scratchcards in the exact quantity you need.


Scratchcards cost £1 each and are posted to you free of charge.

BUY ONLINE NOW or call the office on 01252 728411.

Lucy & Pete support Phyllis Tuckwell

Inspired by the care which her terminally ill dad received when he was admitted to the In-Patient Unit at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care, Lucy and her fiancé Pete decided to support Phyllis Tuckwell in return, on their wedding day.

“It was our way of saying thank you,” says Lucy. “It seemed like the most practical way to turn something negative into a positive, so that others could benefit from Phyllis Tuckwell’s care in the same way that my dad did.”

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