Fair and Open Gambling Statement - Tuckwell Chase Lottery

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Tuckwell Chase Lottery Fair and Open Gambling Statement

Tuckwell Chase Lottery (TCL) is committed to high standards of customer service and to fair and open conduct in its management of the Lottery by:

  1. Offering our customers various ways to contact us – via our website, email, telephone or in person at the TCL office.
  2. Setting out in simple and clear language the full Terms and Conditions on which our Lottery is offered (compliant with the Consumer Rights Act 2015); this document is published on our website, and is also available in hard copy which is sent to all new members on joining.
  3. Ensuring that any material changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified to our customers before they come into effect.
  4. Doing our best to ensure that new players are included in the draw as promptly as possible.
  5. Ensuring that each lottery outcome is fair (by using only using a Gambling Commission approved Random Number Generator (RNG) in draws and ensuring that seasonal manual draws are appropriately witnessed), and that prizes are correctly assigned and distributed.
  6. Publishing winning numbers following each draw on the TCL Website.
  7. Doing our best to prevent under-age or vulnerable people participating in our lottery, and ensuring our marketing materials do not encourage vulnerable groups to participate.
  8. Ensuring any complaints are considered in a fair, consistent and equitable manner, and providing customers with our complaints policy upon request.
  9. Ensuring that our customer’s privacy is not compromised, and that their own information held by TCL is available to them if required.
  10. Making available to our customers details of the regulatory bodies to which we are subject.
  11. Co-operating fully with gambling regulatory authorities; all employees are aware of the rights of entry of Gambling Commission enforcement officers.