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Phyllis Tuckwell provides supportive and end of life care for adult patients and families who are living with an advanced or terminal illness, such as cancer.

Every day we support over 250 patients, relatives and carers – in their own homes, in the community, at the Hospice in Farnham and at the Beacon Centre in Guildford – through medical and nursing care, therapies, counselling, social work advice and practical support.

About the Charity

As the NHS/Government only covers 20% of our costs, we have to raise over £25,000 a day to be able to offer all of our services, which we provide free of charge to our patients and their families. We therefore rely heavily on the support and generosity of our local community.

For many patients living with an advanced or terminal illness, Hospice Care helps manage pain and improves the quality of life for both the patient and their family. Seeking care through Phyllis Tuckwell isn’t about giving up hope or hastening death, but rather a way to get the most appropriate care in the last phase of life…because every day is precious.

Supported Families

Box Icon Support local hospice care & join the lottery today!

Support local hospice care & join the lottery today!

Latest News

Christmas decorations needed

Phyllis Tuckwell shops need beautiful Christmas decorations to sell. If you are changing your colour scheme this year or just have some lovely decorations to donate, please take them to one

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Tina’s Story – supported by Phyllis Tuckwell

“When I first got my diagnosis, I was in bits. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Phyllis Tuckwell have been a God-send. Without them, I don’t know what I would have

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Autumn Clearance Plant Sale

Local hospice care charity Phyllis Tuckwell will be holding its final plant sale of 2021 on Sunday 3rd October, from 10am to 1pm at the Hospice in Farnham. There are hundreds of plants already at

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Phyllis Tuckwell Understands Needs of Patients With Alzheimer’s

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, which aims to highlight the importance of understanding dementia and how it impacts the lives of those who are affected by it.   Caring for a

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Hospice Care at Home increased by 26%

Phyllis Tuckwell Community teams support patients in their own homes and care homes during their last few days, weeks or months of life.   During the pandemic, there was a 40%

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Events for Phyllis Tuckwell

Looking for an event to support Phyllis Tuckwell? there is something to suit everyone! Full list of events can be found here.  

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Catchment area & Shops

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Phyllis Tuckwell has 20 charity shops in Surrey and North East Hampshire as well as an eBay and Amazon shop. For a full list of shop locations visit the Phyllis Tuckwell website here . . .