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Social Responsibility

Tuckwell Chase Lottery (TCL) is committed to using the lottery to raise vital funds in a responsible manner, providing a secure, fair and socially responsible service, and to endorse responsible gambling amongst people playing the TCL or who may be exposed to the marketing of TCL. 

Responsible Gambling  

The Gambling Commission regulates gambling in the public interest. 

TCL is licensed by the Gambling Commission and is committed to the three main objectives of the Gambling Act 2005: 

  • To prevent gambling from being a source of crime and disorder, being associated with crime and disorder, or being used to support crime. 
  • To ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way. 
  • To protect children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling. 

This statement sets out TCL’s approach to ensuring our lottery is managed in a socially responsible way and meets these objectives. 

 Ensuring Gambling is conducted in a fair and open way 

TCL abides by the Gambling Commission’s Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice.   

TCL Terms and Conditions set out clearly: 

  • Rules of play, ensuring that players have access to clear information, that the rules are fair, and the results are publicly available 
  • Qualification for joining, including restrictions regarding people under 18 years of age 
  • Payment 
  • Prizes and Notification 
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Playing history 
  • Self-exclusion 
  • Complaints 
  • Information about gambling support organisations 

TCL will provide any player a full history of their lottery membership, including complete payment and winnings history on request. 

Protecting children and vulnerable people 


It is illegal for individuals under the age of 16 years to enter a lottery, however the requirement to play the TCL Lottery is 18 years of age.  TCL Terms and Conditions provide further information as to how we ensure this requirement is met. The TCL entry form requires individuals to sign a declaration confirming that they are over 18 years of age, and to provide their year or date of birth.  Any individual found to be under 18 will not be able to purchase an entry to the lottery.  If upon winning, an individual is found to be under 18 then any winnings will be forfeited and donated to the hospices. 

A lottery membership must not be purchased on behalf of an individual under the age of 18 years. 

TCL imposes a limit on the number of entries into the lottery that can be purchased by an individual.  

Other vulnerable people 

TCL is committed to ensuring that lottery tickets are not knowingly sold to other vulnerable people, such as someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or someone who is incoherent, or suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease etc. 

TCL will contact new players who may be considered potentially vulnerable to confirm full understanding and intention to participate in the Lottery.  TCL will politely refuse to accept any new or subsequent lottery entries from people who have been discovered to be vulnerable or are suspected of being vulnerable, typically by recommending that the customer speaks with a carer or family member, before proceeding with the gambling transaction. 

Play/gamble safely 

Whilst the majority of people do gamble within their means, for some gambling can become a problem.  TCL takes its responsibility to its’ players seriously and offers the following tips to ensure you gamble safely: 

  • Playing the lottery should be fun and not seen as a way of making money (winning is not assured and is therefore not an income) 
  • Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose – don’t use money set aside to pay bills, rent, for food etc 
  • Don’t borrow money to gamble 
  • Set a money limit and stick to it 
  • Set a time limit and stick to it 
  • Never chase losses – if you lose money, never try to recover it by going over your set limits 
  • Don’t gamble when you are depressed, upset or under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • Balance gambling with other activities such as socialising, sport, family etc 

Problem gambling 

BeGambleAware is an independent charity to promote responsibility in gambling, and help minimise gambling-related harm in Great Britain.    It recognises that the following signs may indicate a gambling problem: 


  • Spending more money and time on gambling than you can afford 
  • Finding it hard to manage or stop your gambling 
  • Having arguments with family or friends about money and gambling 
  • Losing interest in usual activities or hobbies 
  • Always thinking or talking about gambling 
  • Lying about your gambling or hiding it from other people 
  • Chasing losses or gambling to get out of financial trouble 
  • Gambling until all of your money is gone 
  • Borrowing money, selling possessions or not paying bills in order to pay for gambling 
  • Needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for a longer time to get the same feeling of excitement or buzz 
  • Neglecting work, school, family, personal needs or household responsibilities because of gambling 
  • Feeling anxious, worried, guilty, depressed or irritable 


If you recognise any of the signs above, help and support for anyone who wishes to talk to someone about their gambling is offered by the following organisations: 

Help and support: 

Tuckwell Chase Lottery is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and  who make a financial contribution to BeGambleAware on behalf of their members.  BeGambleAware is a leading charity committed to promoting responsibility in gambling. 

BeGambleAware: or via their NetLine which is an online text ‘chat’ service. 

National Gambling Helpline:  0808 8020 133 

GamCare: who provide information, advice, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling and offer NetLine or an online Forum 

Site blockers: such as Gamblock or Netnanny can block access to online gambling sites (there is likely to be a charge for these services). 




Any individual who feels that they cannot control their gambling may wish to exclude themselves from playing in the Tuckwell Chase Lottery (as defined in the Gambling Act 2005) and should advise the Lottery Director in writing, or by using the self-exclusion form which can be printed. Members wishing to use this facility will not be able to re-join the lottery for a minimum of 6 months from the date of exclusion.  


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About us 

Tuckwell Chase Lottery Limited is committed to using our lottery to raise vital funds for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care and Shooting Star Children’s Hospices responsibly.  

Tuckwell Chase Lottery Limited is licensed by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.   

Promoter: Tuckwell Chase Lottery, Alexandra Barn, 1 Waverley Lane, Farnham GU9 8BB  

Responsible Person: Marcelle Stubbs


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