With many people now working from home, and social distancing rules separating those who are still going into work, offices are no longer the busy, bustling places they used to be. For those who are missing the social side of office life, Phyllis Tuckwell has a light-hearted way to reconnect us all with our colleagues and have a bit of a laugh together – and all for a good cause!

Tuckwell Tasks is a corporate initiative which asks local businesses to sign up to receive a series of challenges for their staff to complete. Three or four challenges will be sent out every fortnight, and each business can choose which one, or more, they are going to ask their staff to take on. With the emphasis on camaraderie and fun, the tasks aren’t too tricky, but they do require a bit of creative thinking! You might have to use items on your desk to recreate your favourite cartoon character, see who in the office can slide the furthest in one attempt – on a chair or on foot? – film something which will look impressive in reverse, or make the most dramatic entrance into a room. The tasks can be done virtually, for those working at home, or at a social distance and following government Covid guidelines for those who are in the office.

There is no specific timeframe for signing up to take part, and the challenges will keep being sent out for as long as companies are enjoying taking in part in them. Each company is asked to create a Just Giving page and make a donation to Phyllis Tuckwell if they are able to, but the main emphasis of the campaign is really just to try to reconnect people in these difficult and fragmented times, and raise some money to help fund the vital care which Phyllis Tuckwell is continuing to provide for all its patients, relatives and carers throughout the pandemic.

“We’re really pleased to launch our Tuckwell Tasks campaign, and we hope it brings smiles to the faces of everyone who takes part,” said Tom Enser, Corporate Fundraiser at Phyllis Tuckwell. “We’re also thrilled that Peter Gordon is helping us to promote it – you can watch his fantastic video explaining all about the campaign on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/PhyllisTuckwellHospice.”

14 companies have already signed up for Tuckwell Tasks, and their first tasks were sent out on Tuesday 3rd November. All those who take part are welcome to film their tasks and share them on social media, and Phyllis Tuckwell will create a poll for you to vote for your favourite!

All of the money raised through this campaign will go directly towards helping fund the supportive and end of life care which Phyllis Tuckwell provides for local patients and families who are living with an advanced or terminal illness, such as cancer. All of its services are given free of charge to its patients and their families, but it relies heavily on the support and generosity of the local community to do this, especially at a time when many of its fundraising events have been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

It’s simple to sign up – just email Nick Adams or Tom Enser at corporate@pth.org.uk, set up a Just Giving page, and wait for your first challenges to arrive!