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Month: May 2021

Sue’s Story – supported by Phyllis Tuckwell

Sue, a retired saddler, has been keeping sheep for over 35 years. “I used to work at the local vets, in the large animal section,” she says. “When I left I really missed the animals, so I

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Phyllis Tuckwell Supports Patients With Dementia

 Phyllis Tuckwell has  introduced ‘The Story of Me’ boards to the bedside of all beds on the IPU, which capture details about each patient. This helps staff get to know all of their

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Free buff when you sign up before June

Sign up to Shooting Star Children's Hospices Virtual Sunrise Walk before June and get a free, limited edition, stylish Shooting Star Children's Hospices buff - use it as a face covering, scarf,

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Phyllis Tuckwell Promotes Learning At Work

17th-23rd May is Learning at Work Week, a national campaign that promotes a learning culture in the working environment, encouraging employers to promote learning and development, and employees to

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Sue’s story – supported by Phyllis Tuckwell

Sue had been nursing her mum Beatrice for five years when things finally got too much for her. “Mum had breast cancer, dementia and osteoporosis,” says Sue. “She couldn’t walk on her

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‘Are you in a good place to die?’

Phyllis Tuckwell’s Hospice Care at Home team visits patients who have chosen to spend their last days, and to die, at home.   In recent years, an increasing number of terminally ill

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Phyllis Tuckwell Thanks Dedicated Nursing Staff

During the pandemic, Phyllis Tuckwell’s nursing staff have kept in touch with patients and families through phone and video calls.   12th May is International Nurses Day, and Phyllis

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