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Month: October 2023

Alan’s Story

Alan, one of Phyllis Tuckwell’s Living Well patients, was referred to their care after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. “Being told I had cancer and needed palliative care was a lot to

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Beth’s Story

Beth was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome when she was just four months old. Dravet Syndrome is a rare neurological condition that encompasses treatment-resistant epilepsy, intellectual disability

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Specialist sensory technology donated

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices have received a donation of life-changing technology worth thousands of pounds from children’s charity Lifelites. For many of the children supported by

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Phyllis Tuckwell Companions Support Dying Patients

“We all concentrate on how we’re born, but we don’t think about how we’re going to die.” These words, from the wife of one of Phyllis Tuckwell’s patients, express the importance of how

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Moments in a Bottle

Phyllis Tuckwell's uplifting 'Moments in a Bottle' Living Well sessions help patients preserve precious memories by revisiting and reflecting upon positive moments from their lives — moments

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Spotlight: Phyllis Tuckwell patient & family advisors

Phyllis Tuckwell are shining a light on the incredible behind-the-scenes people who support the dedicated care teams - all who play a vital part in providing important care. It’s a massive

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Celebrating Shooting Star workforce

To mark Hospice Care Week, Shooting Star Children's Hospices have created a special video to shine a light on their workforce who make the  vital care possible. The week, led by national

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Roll up, roll up to Family Fun Day

On a sunny day in September, Shooting Star Children's Hospices hosted a ‘Family Fun Day’ at the Outreach, Therapies and Family Support Centre, Shooting Star House. This was the first event of

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