The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down and affected everyone, none more so than those coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

In normal times, this can be an overwhelming experience for adults and children alike, but due to the many restrictions in place, this has become even harder. Many parents and adults find death a difficult subject to explain to children. What often helps children is the opportunity to say goodbye, and this is difficult if they have been unable to visit their loved one when they were ill, or even attend their funeral. Children may be left with many uncertainties, fears and difficult issues to cope with and often find these very hard to talk about, especially to another close family member or friend. Well intentioned adults may try to shield or protect children from what is happening. This can mean that children are not involved or enabled to say goodbye to their loved one, but it is important that they have the opportunity to say goodbye too.



This video has been created to help children in bereavement during this difficult time. The Phyllis Tuckwell Child & Family Support team of counsellors and psychologists work with parents and guardians alike, helping our patients and families to understand their own fears about illness, death and dying, and prepare them to support the children/young person in their care.